Cape Peninsula Shipwrecks

South Africa has a rich maritime history stretching back to the 1400s. Given the strategic importance of the shipping route around the Cape and the stormy conditions that can prevail in these parts, the Cape coast is home to several hundred shipwrecks, most of which have not been mapped. The locations of many are still unknown.

Wreckless Marine is in the process of mapping significant wrecks, known and unknown, along the Cape Peninsula coastline.

Known Wrecks

HMSAS Bloemfontein

HMSAS Bloemfontein, an Algerine-class minesweeper, was originally named HMS Rosamund. It served in the Royal Navy during World War II before being purchased by South Africa in 1947. Renamed Bloemfontein, it primarily engaged in training and goodwill visits. The ship was decommissioned and recommissioned before being sunk as a target in 1967.

Depth: 56m

Beam: 12m

Length: 70m

SATS General Botha

(Image: SAN Archives)

The SATS General Botha, previously known as HMS Thames, served as a training ship for seafarers. It was intentionally scuttled near Simon’s Town in 1947. The wreck is largely intact, with a slight tilt to the port side. It acquired Protected Status in 2007.

Depth: 54m

Beam: 14m

Length: 98m