Rocky Banks

Wreckless Marine is currently mapping Rocky Banks, which is an offshore shoal situated south off False Bay. We are also diving on the interesting features of this extensive reef system, and we have collected kelp samples for a study being conducted by the University of Cape Town.

An updated look at our multibeam coverage outside of False Bay.

Western Ridge

This ridge appears to have been created by sediment deposition from the sandstone rock type of the main reef.  It extends westward, away from the main reef.

Massive Incised River Channel

With a width of 2km between the Rocky Banks main reef and the subsea extension of the Hangklip ridge, this incised river channel is hugely exciting. We are currently working towards building up more multibeam data above the Hangklip ridge which should reveal more information about this huge ancient river channel.

Videos: Bruce Henderson

Because it is situated outside of False Bay and a long way offshore, Rocky Banks often experiences cleaner and warmer water than inshore diving sites in False Bay. These videos showcase these clean water conditions as well as the Noble Corals and variety of soft corals that Rocky Banks is home to.